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Project Description
A Visual Studio template that auto-generates ASP.NET Web Apps that consume AzureML BES APIs.Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 is required. Run Setup.exe to install.

Visual Studio ASP.NET Template to create Apps to consume BES APIs

Download and run Setup.exe to add a Visual Studio template. After installation is complete:

  •   In Visual Studio, click File->New->Project
  •   Click on Visual C#, then scroll down and look for AzureML BES Client Template (it installs a template in Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 Templates/ProjectTemplates directory)
  •   Select the template, open, then enter your BES service parameters.
  •   In the generated project, click Run.

The template will create an ASP.NET project, and load the default.aspx page into the browser. Enter the data for your service,  then submit. You can also publish the app as a web site to Azure Web Sites from inside Visual Studio Solution Explorer.

Source Code included

The Source code for the template is included.

Known issues

If there are spaces in the Experiment's column names, OData will remove the space and the post back to API with data from the ASP.Net page will error out. 


This project is shared under the MIT License.

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